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Book24 South Africa -

Offers information about South Africa hotels, wildlife tours, and more.

Dream villa in Morocco how I built it myself -

I want to own my own villa in morocco but couldn`t afford the ready built ones, so I will build my own, from scratch, right on the beach see how I`m doing read my blog follow the building of the villa in Morocco. See the photos of Morocco.

Kenyan Diaspora | -

Diaspora is a term that means “a scattering” in Greek as reference to seeds. The work is also used to refer to the movement of very populated communities of a specific and common ethnic identity.

Seychelles Hotels Booking -

Find luxury and cheap accommodations in the beautiful Seychelles islands. Browse hotels, resorts, guesthouses, and cottages. Hot deals, honeymoon recommendations, and hotel booking discounts.

Seychelles Travel & Tourism -

Explore the beautiful Seychelles islands such as: Mah, Praslin, Silhouette, Denis, Fregate, Desroches, Sainte Anne, La Digue, and Bird Island including hotels, advices, attractions, activities and more.

Travel to Africa for Adventure -

Organize your safari travel in Kenya and the rest of the East African region. Information and reviews on breath-taking getaways and vacations in East Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda.

Travel to Egypt -

Traveling to Egypt will give you a warm feeling. Here it's almost sunny the entire year. You will be able to visit the pyramids and see how the Pharaohs lived. Of course you should try to go diving or snorkeling in the Red Sea, almost like diving into an aquarium.

Travel to Kenya -

Exceptional East Africa tours including memorable Kenya holiday packages. The most reliable Travel tour Guides for Africa holiday Provides personalized tours and travel safari packages for that exciting Africa safari travel.

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Offers ultimate luxury safari experience. Take you to remote and beautiful places among Africa's wildlife on a lifetimes adventure.